Hair and Beauty Salon 

Definitions Hair and Beauty Salon


OPI Hand, Feet and Nail Treats

OPI Replenishing Manicure            £18.00

OPI Luxury Spa Manicure              £28.00

OPI Gel Manicure                           £20.00

OPI Gel Manicure and Removal     £23.00   

If gel was not applied by us              £25.00


OPI Replenishing Pedicure              £26.00


OPI Luxury Spa Pedicure                £32.00

OPI Gel Pedicure                             £20.00   

OPI Gel Pedicure and Removal      £23.00

If gel was not applied by us              £25.00

Callus Peel Foot Treatment               £20.00

File and Polish                                   £10.00

Add Paraffin Wax                              £6.00

Gel Add on to full OPI Pedicure       £6.00

Infinite Shine Add on                        £4.00

Gel Removal                                      £5.00

Gel Removal and Strengthener       £10.00 

Nail Art Available from £1 per nail

Nail Extensions


Gel Nail Extensions                            £35.00

Nail Infill's                                           £25.00

Scuplted Gel Extensions                   £35.00

Gel Overlays                                       £25.00

Gel Removal                                       £16.00

Acrylic Removal                                 £20.00

Full sets include a OPI Gel polish finish, OPI Infinite Shine Finish or OPI Lacquer Finish. 

an Extra £5 is added to infills or overlays for Gel Polish finish.