Hair and Beauty Salon 

Definitions Hair and Beauty Salon


Body Treatments


Body Massage 1hr                                                 £40.00

Full Body 75mins                                                   £45.00

Head to Toe 90mins                                              £50.00

Back, Neck, Shoulder and Scalp 45mins             £30.00

Back, Neck  and Shoulder 30mins                      £23.00

Indian Head Massage 30mins                              £28.00

Hot Stone Massage Back, Neck and Shoulder    £28.00

Hot Stone Body Massage 1hr                               £45.00

Hot Stone Full Body Including Scalp 90mins      £55.00 


Luxury Spa Back Treatment   1hr                            £55.00

Reflexology                                £25.00       6 for £120.00

Add Aromatherapy Oils to any treatment             £3.00